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This is a gathering exclusively for college students and young adults 18 - 34.


The primary purpose being that of community, connectedness, and discipleship. 

Fire Forum is a Gospel centered oasis from the hectic world in which we live. It's a laid back casual meeting place, where we can enjoy good food and drinks, express our ideas and views without judgement regarding modern day relevant life issues and discuss them from a biblical 'God Centered' perspective. FF is intentionally designed to facilitate deep and meaningful conversations, leadership training, spiritual development, social networking, and city wide service opportunities along with building quality friendships among like minded college students and young professional adults in the Davie/Fort Lauderdale area. 

Please Note: This not a "christian singles scene" it's a cultural engagement forum facilitated by pastors and church leaders, as such both single and married young adults are welcome and encouraged to attend!


If you wish to find out more, or to get the location of our next gathering just sign in below.

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