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Every epic journey starts with a first step. Every time something ends in your life a whole new world can open up before you, just waiting to be discovered! 


God is a God of fresh starts.


Our creator understands that sometimes we just need a second, third...and hundredth chance!. So, whatever stage or phase you are at in life, Fuel Life is here to help  you on your personal journey to know God.


God has good plans for you.


If you are seeking to get back in gear  with your walk or you have just had an encounter with Jesus and are still trying to get your head around it,  you're not alone, and it's likely not a coincidence that you ended up here! 


Perhaps you are curious to learn about Jesus Christ, the REAL Jesus that is, not the one in movies or as a little idol on a cross.  We welcome everyone who wishes to learn about Him to come as you are and no question is taboo.


We promise to treat you with love and respect, as we strive to make learning about The Bible a dynamic and relational experience.

Here are 5 first steps to consider:



It can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's not. Community only happens if we commune with one another. Communication is essential to get the right help and to build good relationships. The servant leadership team here at Fuel Life is here to serve God by serving you. So...make some noise!! We love noisy people! We are on the look out for the quiet ones too, but only God is all seeing, so give us a call, talk to us, send an email, walk up and say hello to someone new, get to know them, let them get to know you. We are a loving people, who love people!


We would truly enjoy hearing from you! Send us a message if you wish for the pastor or his wife to get back to you personally.




"Knowing about, and knowing God's Word are two very different things."


At Fuel Life when we say "study The Bible" we don't just mean read your favorite Psalm or pick a verse or two that make you feel good. Doing that is great and sooths the soul, but The Bible is so much more! Imagine for a moment that your home's roof got peeled back and an angel (Elohim) handed you a scroll and said : "This is from The Great and Mighty Eternal One..." Would you toss that scroll on your coffee table next to your TV remote and potato chips?

The Bible is an ancient compilation of time tested, highly scrutinized and historically proven prophetic texts, written by some seriously devout and spiritually enlightened men who heard directly from God, yet did not even fully know that what they were writing would cross reference accurately over several millennia with itself in such a perfectly congruent way. God chose and spoke to over 40 holy prophets who wrote over 60 separate scrolls over a 1400 year period. Yet, when you read this compilation we call 'The Bible' it reveals a unified, beautifully crafted narrative of The Creator's love for humanity, the plan to redeem creation, and His instructions for living a spiritually enlightened, humane, and empowered life! Only the one true God who transcends time and space is the Bible's author who dictated this book into existence.  So yes friend, get hungry for this divine knowledge, and start learning about God from this one of a kind Holy Book!


Here is a great link to help get you started:




Making some noise is the first step to getting plugged in. This step is about jumping in and committing to follow through. Jesus said: "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no" Follow through is the hardest thing for some of us, we can get distracted or discouraged. At Fuel LIfe we are committed to serve and equip you.  We have several ways for you to connect with others here in our fellowship, and in our community. Just check out our "Projects" and "Connect" tabs in the menu section. We want to come alongside of you and help you sharpen and develop your talents and spiritual gifts. Every body has them, its our destiny to share them with the world! Want to find out what yours are?


This printable PDF survey can help start you on the right track:


4. TALK with GOD

GET IN THE ZONE. This part is easier said than done. A simple paragraph won't even begin to describe the importance and ramifications of having a strong or weak prayer life. The greatest of men who God raised up knew about being in The Zone, that is to say they were in a place of communion with God so profound they changed the enviroment around them everywhere they went. This is so much more than spewing out a wish list to the 'man upstairs' before going to bed (although its often part of it)  Talking with God is about taking all you are and laying it before your maker, knowing He sees all, hears all, and knows all. You talk with God to connect to the essence and presence of heaven itself. You pour your heart out, you cry, weep and moan your deepest pains and regrets before Him. You confess your sins, admit your failures, ask forgivness for the selfish things you've done and then, YOU LISTEN to His heart of LOVE towards you, guiding you.  Be warned however, God is not a product to be consumed, no one has him all figured out, nor can any man or organization connect you to God only The Holy Spirit does that.


If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ into your heart, you need to do that first. This link will help you understand this better.


If you need to talk about this don't wait call: 954.471.5106 




Fuel Life is a passion driven ministry. We seek to build up and connect people: The Seekers, The Thinkers, The Givers and The Doers! God's like a vast beautiful ocean of knowledge and life, wisdom and love, available to all who would seek HIm earnestly.


"You can have as much or as little of God as you wish. You can play in the sand on the shores of grace, or you can dip your feet in the beach and take a pleasant stroll with truth, or you can dive in, get covered by The Spirit of Living Water and go swimming into salvation's ocean with selfless abandon. God loves all who gather at His ocean's edge, yet He beckons the eternal soul to be brave, trust in Him and GO DEEP."   

- Pastor Ed Vega


So go ahead make some noise, start by telling us a little bit about yourself...


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