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Pastor's Bio

"Being available to God is what can make a miracle happen in your life, but being faithful to God is where your life becomes the miracle of His Grace."

- Pastor Eddie Vega

   Eddie was born in Los Angeles California and came to live in South Florida as a young boy. Raised in the tenants of Catholicism in his early years, his mother

later joined the Baptist denomination, raising him to fear God and believe that Jesus is the only way to spiritual salvation. It was however his grandmother who truly instilled in him the virtues of having a real and living relationship with God. The way she modeled love and spoke of God as if He was right next to her at all times left an indelible impression that would stay with him his whole life.

   As a teenager growing up in a legalistic home that put more emphasis on religious belief in God instead of relational connection to God, caused him to loose faith in church and abandon his faith in modern Christianity during his college years.

   Although he left 'church life' he never could shake his awareness of the spiritual world around him. This lead him to study New Age philosophies, occult teachings, and ancient eastern practices. This pulled him deep into the underground world of drugs, night clubs, and all night EDM (Electronic Dance Music) raves. Although he was living a lavish life, Eddie began to see that all of it was vanity, unfulfilling, and at its core evil. At the height of his success with all the comforts and distractions money could buy, Eddie recalls feeling tired, empty and so lost he cried out and surrendered his life to God.

   On February of 1998 God answered, healing his heart, and delivering him from the underworld. God put him on a path to serve others in Jesus' name.

    He knows what it was like to be a youth who felt lost and disconnected while looking for fulfillment and meaning, as such he has a heavy burden to help young people find their way in life, both in the practical and spiritual sense. 

    After surrendering his life to Christ, Eddie began organizing concerts and events where he would preach the Gospel bringing many to faith in Jesus Christ from the community he left behind. He was later entrusted by the pastors at the local mega church he attended to lead a team of young evangelists that would go into raves to share the Gospel all over Florida.

   He then went on to serve in youth ministry and with the young adults. In 2012 he accepted a full time staff position as the Student Ministry Director overseeing the Middle School, High School, and College Ministry. In 2014 it became clear that God was starting to move him onto something else. It was while hosting a home fellowship in 2015 that the call came from God to step out in trust and plant Fuel Life Fellowship Church in Davie, Florida.


The confirmations and provision kept coming...and the rest as they say is HIStory!

    Pastor Eddie has a compassionate, yet no nonsense approach to ministry. He is a man with a burning call that runs on the unquenchable fuel of God's Spirit as he shares God's message of Forgiving Grace and Brilliant Truth. 


He delights in seeing others transformed by The Way, The Truth and The Life...Jesus Christ. 

To make an appointment with Pastor Eddie or to request he speak at your church or special event for youth call 954.471.5106 or email

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